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What are the fees for an initial consultation on my current pension?

The initial consultation is done free of charge or obligation. Should you seek further in-depth financial planning fees will apply generally on an AUM basis.

Who can move their pension to an international structure?

An international pension plan is available to anyone over the age of 18, living outside the UK, hoping to benefit from a more flexible international retirement solution.

What type of transfers can be made into international pensions plans?

Transfers are allowed from a current registered UK Pension Scheme, existing UK registered international pension plan, and in some circumstances current excess cash. Transfers can be made in cash or on an “in-specie basis.”

What happens if I move or my investment goals change?

At Touchstone Advisory Ltd. we offered bespoke advice for the globally minded expatriate. All international structures allow for investment changes at any time and allow a myriad of investment choices.

What currency can I hold within my international pension structure?

International Pension Structures offers multi-currency options. Multi-Currency allows the ability to reduce currency exposure and currency spreads by utilizing FX broker, depending on likely long-term retirement residence.

When can I take pension income from an international structure?

You would be able to take your benefits from age 55 onwards. Under certain exceptional circumstances (i.e. terminal illness) it is possible you may draw the pension earlier.

How frequently can income payments be made from my international pension?

You will have options to vary your income as required based on your personal circumstances. Income can be paid to you on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis. Additional one-off lump payments are also permitted allowing for complete flexible access after the age of 55.

What happens should I pass away?

Upon death, the remaining value of your pension fund will be passed to your named beneficiaries either as a lump or on a drawdown basis. If you die before the age of 75, lump sum and pension income payments are paid free of UK tax (unless over the lifetime allowance). Should the individual die over the age of 75 the pension is usually subject to the recipient’s marginal rate of UK income tax.